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Auction Tips

 Auction Tips

Real Estate 

Inspection: Normally Day of Sale. 

Sale Day: Auctioneers that are licensed Real Estate Brokers and Affiliate Brokers are on site to assist bidders. You don’t have to worry about scratching your nose and buying a house.

Buyers need to have made financial arrangements prior to sale.

High Bidder is required to pay 15% NON-REFUNDABLE Earnest Money Immediately following sale. Check accepted will be certified by Noon the day after sale.

Buyer enters into contract with seller.

Closing to take place normally within 2 week to 30 days from sale.

Seller provides good Deed and Title Insurance.


Personal Property 

Inspection:  Day of Sale. 

Sale Day: Drivers License Required for Bidding Number.

Auctioneers, bookkeepers, cashiers on site to answer your questions.

Buyer is responsible for paying for and securing items bought under their number.

Pay before you leave sale. Visa, MasterCard, Discover accepted.

Don’t be coy about bidding the Auctioneer might miss your bid. Get in there and let them know your bidding.

Removals of Items after you pay. Arrangements usually can be made for large items or business liquidations. 

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