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 The Most Money In The Shortest Time!

      Bill Colson Auction & Realty Co.,Inc. has been conducting Auctions and Real Estate Sales all over the state of Tennessee for over 40 years.  We are a full service Auction Company that does everything we can to ensure you have a successful sale.  Bill Colson Auction & Realty is made up of top-notch Auctioneers, Agents and Support Staff that are carefully selected to be a part of our team.   Our Auctioneers and Agents are committed to excellence and have the experience and capability to conduct ANY type of Auction or Real Estate Sale.  Our standards of performance and experience are benefits for our clients and are among the highest in the industry.   Whether it’s Real Estate, Antiques, Commercial Property, Autos, Business Liquidation, Bankruptcies, Estate Sales, Machinery, Farm/Agriculture; Bill Colson Auction & Realty can handle your needs and assist you in having a stress free sale.  All our Auctions are tailored to your individual needs.  Relax. We have you covered with our knowledge of the business and market.  Our agents will guide you through the all the steps from start to finish. We have helped people just like you get Results and Obtain the Most Money in the Shortest Time.  Whatever your needs are, we can get it done.  Benefit from the Difference, Call a Colson Auctioneer or Agent Today!

To contact a member of our team call 615-292-6619 or 1-877-292-6611 or E-mail us at colsonauctions@yahoo.com 


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Bill Colson Auction & Realty Co., Inc.  Lic. #68
Real Estate Firm Lic. #2468



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